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Summer Camp & Workshop
Fun, educational, innovative, summer programs for your children.  We will have 9 weeks of fun filled activities, field trips, and much more.
Summer camp workshops 2024 Calendar Available Now - here!
Contact us at 407-574-8904 for more information.  

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Fun and Inspiration 

Our summer programs are fun, we provide days packed with exploration, learning, creativity, and activities for children ages 5 - 15.  We have robotics, coding / programming, Internet of Things, 3D design + printing, VR, and more.  Come join us for summer camp, we would love to have you at Synapse Science & Technology Learning Center.

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Our population grows each year, and also grows older, we need more medical professionals and technicians to research and find new approaches to bio-related issues.

•Learn to use the MicroBit and other microcontrollers to develop a heart rate monitor

•Write code to analyze and display the data

•Take home the MicroBit and sensor kit – additional cost


Participans will have access to the Vex Robotics IQ series platform and sensors for learning about robotics, and to build team based solutions for competitions. 

Want your own kit?  Let us know, we are exploring retail options.


Cozmo's big brain and even bigger personality are operated by sophisticated robotic and AI systems. Code Lab gives you unprecedented access to Cozmo’s core functionality.

•Take home Cozmo – additional cost

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