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We provide tutorials in the robotics that follows a curriculum designed for grades 3rd through 8th.  Each student will work individually and as a team to build and program a robot to complete challenges published by Lego and VEX. 


This will provide them with critical problem solving skills in a team setting.




Your child will have an opportunity to learn age appropriate programming fundamentals with languages they can understand; Scratch, JavaScript, Python, C#, SmallBasic, and VB.


We use Blockly, MakeCode, VisualStudio, Arduino Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).  


AI has already made its way into everyday life, the analytics and intelligence is used to predict maintenance needs in many industries, with Amazon Alexa for digital assistants and more.  We will provide tutorials in AI using the Cozmo robot's vision and voice recognition capabilities.

We also work with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant on the Raspberry Pi for the Cadets.

Internet of things (IOT)

Our Internet of Things (IoT) tutorials will provide your child with team based development and programming using Raspberry Pi, .NET Gadgeteer, Arduino, MicroBit, Circuit Playground Express and other educational boards.

Our @home subscription package will include age appropriate boards as follows:

+ LittleTechs (5-8) - MicroBit

+ DigiKids (9-11) - Circuit Playground Express

+ Cadets (12-15) - Grove Arduino Starter


3D printing and design is being adopted by industries everywhere, and will play a critical role in future businesses; manufacturing, product prototypes, part replacement and medical.  We help to prepare your child by having them participate in our 3D design + printing tutorials.​


Our "garage" will be fully equipped for their projects with printers from UltiMaker, MakerBot, Raise3D and CAD design with TinkerCAD, AutoCAD, Fusion360 and more... 

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