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K-8 Technology Tutorial Programs

Technology is all around us and your children born during the fourth Industrial Revolution (Digital Revolution) will need to understand Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) to perform in their chosen educational discipline. 


Whether using technology during their educational journey, or in their careers; technology will be present.   For example, doctors performing robotic surgery, knowledge workers using technology to analyze data and trends, retail associates interacting with "grab and go" systems, automotive technicians using diagnostic tools and many other examples.

Synapse {STEM} Education will provide a tutorial experience in technology which includes 3D Design + Printing, Programming, Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT) and AI to Inspire children to Create, Develop, Design and Innovate

Our tutorial programs are limited to a maximum of two (2) sessions and no more than three (3) hours of instructions per day for school age children, and will feature instructions that features technology from the leader's of the tech industry's  and STEM education providers.


Contact us for further information and details about Orlando, Lake Nona and Eagle Creek STEM tutorial programs. 

100 % recommended. This is a great place to learn & explore & design. #robotic #math #science and more.

Diana Marie

This is such s great program for school aged kids! Mrs. Lee, Ms. Cruz and staff are so welcoming and flexible. My son comes home so excited about all the science and technology he’s learning! Not to mention the music program. Once he went to the summer camp program, there was no other place he wanted to go. They have better after care hours than most places in the area, which is great for 2 working parents. 


Rosanne Fields

Steps we are taking to protect your children!

UV-C Sterilization of the building - daily

Disinfection rate of 99.99% of covered area; no ozone, so safe for children.

H-13 HEPA Air Filtration -12 times daily

Removes 99.97% of particles in the air, continuously filtering throughout the day.

Purell hand sanitizer in every room

Temperature checks for all students

Individual face shields and masks - 3d printed



In house programs includes all of the following disciplines, while virtual sessions includes some.  For example virtual sessions focuses on coding, Internet of Things and AI, as 3D printers would not be available and hands-on physical robotics kits also would not be available to the participants; we do offer virtual robotics sessions.  Live in Central Florida area?  Then you can choose any of the following modalities, outside Orlando choose virtual sessions (remote) a week at a time, or subscibe to our Digital Learning Kit (monthly or annual) shipped to you with new exciting content every month.


We provide tutorials in the robotics that follows a curriculum designed for grades 3rd through 8th.  Each student will work individually and as a team to build and program a robot to complete challenges published by Lego and VEX. 


This will provide them with critical problem solving skills in a team setting.




Your child will have an opportunity to learn age appropriate programming fundamentals with languages they can understand; Scratch, JavaScript, Python, C#, SmallBasic, and VB.


We use Blockly, MakeCode, VisualStudio, Arduino Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).  


AI has already made its way into everyday life, the analytics and intelligence is used to predict maintenance needs in many industries, with Amazon Alexa for digital assistants and more.  We will provide tutorials in AI using the Cozmo robot's vision and voice recognition capabilities.

We also work with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant on the Raspberry Pi for the Cadets.

Internet of things (IOT)

Our Internet of Things (IoT) tutorials will provide your child with team based development and programming using Raspberry Pi, .NET Gadgeteer, Arduino, MicroBit, Circuit Playground Express and other educational boards.

Our @home subscription package will include age appropriate boards as follows:

+ LittleTechs (5-8) - MicroBit

+ DigiKids (9-11) - Circuit Playground Express

+ Cadets (12-15) - Grove Arduino Starter


3D printing and design is being adopted by industries everywhere, and will play a critical role in future businesses; manufacturing, product prototypes, part replacement and medical.  We help to prepare your child by having them participate in our 3D design + printing tutorials.​


Our "garage" will be fully equipped for their projects with printers from UltiMaker, MakerBot, Raise3D and CAD design with TinkerCAD, AutoCAD, Fusion360 and more... 



Meet Our Management Team

Maria Lee, Owner

Maria Christina is the owner and CEO, she has been in the childcare industry for over 13 years.  Maria believes STEM education is important in a child's life.  She enjoys seeing the children learning and having fun with science and technology.

Charlyne Cruz, Asst. Director

Charlyne has been our Assistant Director since we opened, she has worked with Maria for over 11 years at other organizations.  She is passionate about teaching children of all ages and knowing that you can help them be prepared for life.

Vernon Lee, Owner

Vernon is not only the owner, but he runs the research & development to identify and select the educational platforms we use in our programs. 

Vernon believes that STEM education with school aged children will be the solution to getting more women into technology fields and to increase representation of under-represented ethnicities and races.



407-574-8904  |

9717 Eagle Creek Center Blvd, Ste 130  Orlando, FL 32832

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